Monday, September 15, 2003

Hair Inspiration for the night of the Ball!

Dear Attendees and other interested readers,

I am the sister of whom has been giving you all the wonderful information on the proper etiquette and dress for attending a dance in time, the Bonnie Blue Ball. She has requested that I help her out by sharing tips, advice, and photos on the lady's 1860's accessories. So, here I go! (do let me know how I do)

First, I will begin with hair, something which I find very fascinating and easy to spend a lot of time dreaming about.

I would like to share with you a few photos which have inspired my imaginative mind immensely. If you know the basics of what is historical, you can browse for inspiration and be able to tell what will work and what won't.

I will not bore you with all the ins and outs of historic hair, instead, I want to inspire you! However, if you are interested in learning the details, as I am, click here for a wonderful description of historic hair. (I just did this myself and found the page most interesting!)

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the collection of images I put together, in hopes that they will inspire you as they have me! Don't tell me, you didn't sigh at least once! I have put these photos together with the object of getting your mind rolling with ideas for how you want to arrange your own locks. If you have a question about a hairstyle's authenticity, do leave me a comment and feel free to ask and share any of your own knowledge. I would love to discuss it with you.

Over the two Balls I've attended, I've improved my hair and hope to do even better this year. I will share with you a few photos from my hairstyles...

The Ball of 2006...
(as you can see, the front part was not the least bit authentic, but I did well with the large curls about my neck, the small curls I twisted up, and the pink flowers to touch it off perfectly!)

Bonnie Blue Ball ...2008
(This year I did much better after Emma suggested swooping my hair over my ears with curls at the bottom and a large bow in the back. Simply lovely!)

Stay tuned for more on accessories!

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Olivia said...

Thank! That was most helpful. I loved looking at the pictures. Specially the one of you. ;) See you soon dear!