Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bonnie Blue Ball
In April of 1861, the first shot of the American Civil War was fired. The people of the South fought the people of the North, brother against brother, family against family, one state against another.  The story is a long one, a story told countless times in countless ways, of the people of North and South, and the things they faced so long ago.

Take a step into history and join us on February 7th, 2009 at the annual Bonnie Blue Ball. This year’s event will be held in the City Auditorium of Winnsboro, Texas. Come and step in time to the lively 1860’s tunes played, in person, by the renowned Tiger String Band, dancing such dances as the Virginia Reel, the Spanish Minuet and the Patty Cake Polka. There will be an abundance of swishing hoop-skirts and courteous Southern gentlemen, of clapping hands and tapping heels. Come one! Come all! To celebrate our history and our heritage in a memorable evening that is wonderful fun for the whole family.

$15 adult
$5 child (ages 4-15)
$30 per couple
$50 per family/ group of four or more

These ticket prices are the reduced early bird rates. 
Do not hesitate to purchase them as soon as possible. 
Tickets bought at the door on Feb. 7, 2009 
will be as follows….

$25 adult
$10 child
$60 per couple
$85 per family/ group of four or more
If you are willing to sponsor this event and 
can invest a sum of money by December 10th, 
please contact me with one of the choices 
below as soon as possible. 


Sponsors are given the privilege of 
advertising their business at the event.

Note: If you decide to sponsor the event, 
your entry fee will be included in your donation.

Payment for tickets must be received by December 31th, 2008. Make checks payable to The Foundation for Christian Alternatives. The checks are tax deductible. If the amount of tickets sold by that time does not reach the needed quota to pay expenses for the ball, the event will be cancelled and your money refunded.

How about giving a ticket to the ball as a Christmas gift? Simply mention that you’d like it as a gift and the name/names of the recipients, and we’ll send you an elegant gift certificate that will serve as your ticket. What girl would not relish such a special evening?

We hope to see you there!

Emma and Johanna,  A Dance In Time official bloggers

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Oh! How I wish I lived in Texas!!