Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The day was drawing to its climax.
The sun had reached its zenith.

Dizzy with anticipation,
we gathered in the ballroom.

Supper was begun...

Whilst the silent stage awaited music.

The floor awaited the tapping of feet...

And, slowly, the sun began to sink.
The ballroom began to fill.

And The Bonnie Blue Ball officially began!

View the full slideshow here.


Stephanie said...

These are BEAUTIFUL pictures! I love how wonderful you all looked! Such lovely dresses! *sigh* Maybe someday I could be go to your ball.... :)
Thank you for sharing these pictures! It has made my day!


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen these until now, but they are wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for posting!

~Brooke Elise

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

Oh - it was SUCH a lovely evening. Those are all great pictures! There is nothing like an evening full of dancing, hoop skirts and good fellowship! Thank you all for the effort you put into the ball. I know how much work goes into organizing dances :). In fact, I am in the beginning process of putting on a Spring ball in Longview!! I'll have to get in touch with you all about details.
Have a beautiful Christmas season.
Blessings, Lydia Covey

Faith said...

Are y'all going to do another dance this year? I really enjoyed it last year and would love to come again!